Friday, October 06, 2006

Makes Me Quiver

Okay. Is anyone else as completely freaked out about this as I am? Pan-seared foie gras is the only food I’ve discovered with the power to MAKE ME QUIVER.

Yes, that's right - I positively quiver with unholy pleasure when a properly prepared pan-seared foie gras just dissolves onto my tongue in its ablution of finely carmelized fruit … now fig … then pear … a hint of vanilla, perhaps. I am suspended in delight, blind and deaf to the world around me. Oh god ...

To take away my right to feast upon this, the most perfect dish anywhere, would be barbaric indeed.

Why, I’d be forced to seek out my fix on the black market (and rest assured, one would crop up if this dish were outlawed). Why, we could all be relegated to eating foie gras prepared by back-alley chefs without proper credentials and sterile utensils.

This is an OUTRAGE!!

One gem from the article: "In my opinion, the four farms that grow ducks for foie gras in this country -- especially the largest ones, in New York and California -- they ought to be made examples of by our legislators, not as places of animal torture, but rather as models of humane farming. Unlike factory hogs, which have their tails painfully cut off and never see the light of day before winding up as cheap grocery store pork, the billions of chickens that live packed wing to wing and live in their own ammonia-reeking waste, or the feed-lot antibiotic-laced beef -- if I had to come back today as an American farm animal destined for the dinner table, I'd choose to be a Moulard duck raised for my fat liver in a heartbeat."


Blogger Asylum Seeker said...

My friend, Jamie, who doesn't know how to follow instructions, had these comments: I agree with Bourdain except for the "Now, if you go to Houston airport and watch group after group of people waddle by, it might well be hard to support the notion that we have brains --" part.

Another thing to make you want to move to Canada.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Asylum Seeker said...

Jennifer said this: "Don't forget that chickens also often have their beaks cut off so more of them can fit in a confined space. The missing beak makes them more aggressive, so, well, you can imagine...

Ugh. Makes me want to be a vegetarian again (and I think 'Fast food nation' has just been made into a movie, though I must sadly admit that I never actually read it...).

What happened with the froie gras in Chicago anyway?

--- I'm not sure I have it in me to get on that site just yet, but send me anything you write if you'd like, and I'll be happy to give you encouragement: Goooooooooooo MANDI!!! How's that?"

She didn't want her comments on here. But, tough.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Mark said...

Hey AS,

Thanks for the comment on my blog! 30 days was hard, but luckily I'm addicted to caffeine and gaming so, helps keep the mind off of it :)

If I just sat around on the couch channel surfing, then I would probably go check myself into rehab aswell.

But yea, so far so good, Day 37.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Madame Square said...

Well, although my few forays into the earthy and sensual pleasures of foie gras have led to, respectively, 36 hours of digestive mayhem, falling asleep in the middle of a soiree, and a sudden case of whatever it ACTUALLY is that the French call 'mal au coeur', I have to absolutely agree. The stuff is delicious, and even if ducks and geese aren't exactly caressed lovingly by their maitres, they are at least raised in and around nature and most of the lucky bastards get to reside en France. I love me some Anthony Bourdain, AS, and I love that you love food as much as he, as much as I and as much as my French, engorged-liver eatin' hubby. Someday they may discover that leeks and fennel indeed have feelings, and then y'all will be having the last laugh at my expense.
Bisous cherie...

6:20 PM  
Blogger thesunwolf said...

Did you know that the fat now outnumber the hungry?

I just don't see how anyone needs to eat foi gras. I don't see the necessity. I think it's kind of like Lewis Black said on the Daily the other day. $20 Millon allows a space tourist to fly over all the poor people and the world, give them the middle finger and say "Look what I just spent my $20 Million on" (all of that paraphrased).

So, I can't say I have any sympathy for those that want to eat that stuff over the objections of those who see it as barbaric.

I have about the same amount of sympathy I have for the morbidly obese. I personally think we should feed THEM to the poor. If they have that little care about themselves and eat four times the amount of food they need whilst others starve, haven't they failed a basic test of their humanity anyway?

6:47 AM  
Blogger Asylum Seeker said...

I OBJECT to your use of the word "whilst" and remind you that you are an American boy from Texas. I call Big Ole Bullshit and Posturing. (but I still love you).

6:53 AM  

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